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October 10, 2017 Home Decor

Cool Frame Ideas

Cool frame ideas – Say goodbye to Tonka, Lego and Barbie. Your child wants to change. Your bedroom decor is too childish. It has not only grown but so have his ideas. He is more independent, free thinking and perhaps radical. Let redecorate your space. The decor should reflect your individual style. If you do not want a complete makeover, change the color of the room, update the bedding and pick up some accents. Your child will thank you.

Cool Photo Frame Ideas

Let your child go goth. First, select a color scheme. As goth colors tend to be dark, needs a striking color that is reflected throughout the cool frame ideas room. The most popular goth colors include red, burgundy, dark purple, gold and black. First, Gothic arches painted or faux bricks in a wall, if you are creative.

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Look at old gold, silver, bronze or wrought iron. Or opt for dark woods and stone. For cool frame ideas, pillows and fabric, select rich, deep tones in velvet or brocade. Find black mesh for use as a canopy over the bed. Highlight with wall sconces, ornate frames or decorative wall grilles. Do not go overboard as it may seem to Halloween. Garnish windows with scroll bars in black.

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