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Molds Concrete Ideas for Walls

Concrete is a strong and durable material that hardens once, but must be handled on site with molds until the combination of Portland cement, sand, gravel and water stated or park. It should also be reinforced with steel rods or wires. Pans work small concrete is made ​​of wood, but the walls must contain special molds for concrete and rebar keep in place. Molds concrete ideas for walls can be made of wood, aluminum or special cardboard isolated.

Making Concrete Molds

The choice depends on the type of mold wall you will build. Molds for retaining walls, basements and similar applications are generally made of wood. The molds for industrial and commercial buildings and some houses are aluminum. Some houses and other buildings using insulated concrete forms made of stiff cardboard.

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The wooden molds concrete ideas are constructed of plywood or oriented strand boards panels usually 5 to 10 cm. The coating of wood nails on a table frame 5 by 10 cm. The panels are erected and secured to plummet in tables 5 by 10 cm to the floor. The molds are placed on each side, with a reinforcing bar positioned in the center, and the concrete is poured into the cavity. Wooden molds are covered with some kind of oil to prevent the concrete from sticking.

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